$34.90 SGD

Ultramarine & Candlelight Peach - CE/COLORS Triangle Regular Marble

Handmade Ceramic Earrings by Park Ji Hyun

These elegant regular-sized handmade ceramic earrings are the perfect to-go pieces for your everyday wear, with a hint of elegance and simplicity.


White Porcelain with 23.8K Gold Luster

Material & Wear
925 Sterling Silver Ear Post with 18K Gold Plating
(Suitable for shower, but please remove before entering sauna or hot spring)


L13mm x H13mm x D4mm

TAKE NOTE - Marbling
As these earrings are hand-crafted ceramics, each individual piece has its own different marbling pattern and design. Making each pair uniquely different and one of a kind.

Do note that these marble earrings will be chosen on random and delivered. Hence what you receive may not have the exact same marbling pattern as in the pictures shown here.

Please purchase only if you are comfortable with this.

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