Gift Wrapping

Kollidea Gift wrapping and packaging. Cause we all love to surprise the people we love

Surprise your loved ones today, because they deserve an extra touch of love.

How do I get it gift wrapped?

To have it all lovingly tied up and specially packaged, just follow these steps:
1. Add item to Cart and head over to Cart Page.
2. In the "Add a note to your order" section let us know the following:

⟡ Product Name
⟡ Name of Recipient

Can I also add a short message to go along with it?

Yes absolutely! We can print a small 7cm x 7cm card with your special message. Just remember to add this also in the "Add a note to order" section:

⟡ Gift Card Message (max 50 words)

Kollidea Gift Wrapping Packaging Add Order to Note