KOLLIDEARS⟡ Rewards (Backup)

Kollidears Rewards Program

Welcome onboard to our all new and exciting Kollidears⟡ Rewards Program! Shop and earn Kolliflowers and redeem them for attractive rewards. It's free to join and you will gain access to exclusive discounts and a special Birthday Reward from us!

This is our way of thanking you for all the love that you dears have showered us with. We've only journeyed this far because of each and every one of you :)

So start saying hello to more awesome rewards today!

Kollidears Rewards Step1 JoinKollidears Rewards Step2 EarnKollidears Rewards Program Step3 Enjoy RewardKollidears Rewards Step1 JoinKollidears Rewards Program Step2 EarnKollidears Rewards Program Step3 EnjoyReward

How do I sign up for the Kollidears⟡ Rewards Program?

If you've an existing account with us, you're automatically enrolled into the program. But make sure to complete your birthday profile (at least 30 days in advance) to get your Birthday Reward! 

If you don’t have an account, you can sign up here and click Join Now!

How do I earn Kolliflowers?

You can earn Kolliflowers by signing up for an account, and when you have successfully referred a friend to us. For every $1 spent online, you will earn 1 Kolliflower. 

Please note that the amount you earn is based on your purchase amount alone. It excludes shipping fees, discounts and giftcards.

How do I get my Birthday Reward?

Once you have signed into your account, click here. Under 'Celebrate a Birthday', click on 'Edit Date' to fill in your birthday profile.

Do note that you need to fill in your birthday profile at least 30 days in advance to receive your Birthday Reward of 100 Kolliflowers.

How do I redeem my Kolliflowers for Rewards?

After logging into your account, click here or go on the Rewards Icon to view your points balance. Once you have accumulated sufficient Kolliflowers, you can choose to redeem it for your Reward. Or you can redeem them at a later date when you have accumulated more Kolliflowers to enjoy greater Rewards.

Once redeemed, you will get a discount code to use for your next purchase. Make sure to apply this discount code during Checkout. There is no expiry date for your redeemed Rewards.

How do I refer a friend?

To get your referral link, first make sure that you are signed into your account. Once you are signed in, click here or go to on the Rewards Icon at the bottom of the page and scroll to the bottom.

Once you have successfully referred a friend to us (when they have made their first purchase), you will automatically receive 100 Kolliflowers.

Will my Kolliflowers expiry?

Nope! Your Kolliflowers will not expiry :)

Can I use my Reward with other discount codes/promos?

No, your Reward cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes or promotions.