Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver
  • Put on jewelry after applying make-up and remove before entering hot springs or sauna.
  • After wear, use a soft cloth for a gentle wipe down of your jewelry to clean off make up and skin oils.
  • Store your jewelry in the air-tight ziploc bag with the black anti-tarnish square tab provided. Keep jewelry separate to prevent scratching of stones and metal.
  • Sterling silver will tarnish naturally over time but can be cleaned very easily. You can use a silver polishing cloth, however do not use the cloth on stones or pearls.
  • Wear your sterling silver jewelry regularly, your natural body oils help to keep the tarnishing down and cleaning to a minimum! :D
    Directions to use polishing cloth provided:
    1. Rub surface gently with the yellow cloth first to loosen tarnish.
    2. Followed by buffing the surface with the blue cloth to obtain a brillant shine.
    3. Do not wash the cloth for it to remain effective.
    Other ways to clean:
    • Baking soda, aluminum foil, and boiling water: WATCH VIDEO
    • Wash jewelry (without stones or pearls) in warm water with a few drops of mild dish washing liquid. Gently handwash it. Use a cotton swab or a very soft toothbrush for tight corners, or for more abrasive cleaning.